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8 Week Shred Online Fitness Coach

With our Rapid Growing Facebook Community, The 8 Week Shred is the most complete fitness coaching program with tested true transformation results.

What is Online Personal Training? How Does it Work?

Joshua Zitting 8 Week Shred is loaded with every tool you need to take the gym to to the next level whether you have never stepped foot in a gym before or you are trying to take your body to new heights.   You get all the Fitness Coaching, Support, Nutrition, and Full Exercise Explainer Videos with the most amazing team and support around!

The 8 week shred is a beginner muscle building program all the way to advance training for novice trainers.  It teaches 3 different phases of training and 3 different nutrition techniques.  It comes with a full meal plan that can easily be altered to fit the foods you like to help create healthy habits.   Our transformations have spoken for themselves and our facebook community is growing fast as it allows you to connect with others who are trying to put on muscle, lose weight, get ready for competitions and more.

  • Full Nutrition Plan Customizable to your Needs and Body
  • Full 8 Weeks of Fat Buring Muscle Gaining Gym routines
  • Video Library Teaching, Proper Form, Drop Sets, Rep Speed, and Pro Technique
  • Supplement Guide Teaches Which Supplements Work and When to Implement Them and Why
  • Food Replacement Guide – So You Can Adjust Your Diet with Foods you Enjoy
  • 8 Week Shred – 6 Pack Shortcut Abs Routine
  • 8 Week Shred Stretching Routine – For Flexibility and Athleticism
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I believe under promising and over delivering.   With a goal to make fitness coaching and training affordable to the masses.

” We all go through tough times in life, we have all had lows and highs, but learning effective habits is key to success in anything to turn a new leaf.   I’ve failed over and over, but failure is key to growth especially in changing your body.  Sometimes we just need that extra bit of help.  Let’s all get fit together.    Your Coach –  Joshua Zitting

Affordable Online Fitness: Training and Coaching 

Full   60 Day Moneyback Guarantee  we believe in this product and how it’s changing lives so we fully back it up with results or your money back.

Best Online Personal Trainer Client Results


This Program changed my life and my wife’s life forever.  We took Josh’s program and committed to it and took his online coaching seriously. My wife and I went through the program 3 times and lost a combined 100lbs.   Our family is healthier and our kids will be thanking you as well. – Tyler

Weight Loss Client

I honestly couldn’t have been happier that I chose to take on this program.  I’m a business owner and sometime barely have time to do anything for myself and I wasn’t an avid weight lifter.   Josh’s coaching was fantastic and the facebook group was a lot of help.   I wasn’t sure initially if online personal training would actually work but I’m a believer now. – David

8 Week Shred Client

This training program was intense but exactly what I need to really push myself.   I was shocked that I actually won but I was really focused and on days I needed that extra push Josh was always there to support and give advice.  The facebook community is awesome and met a lot of great people.  We all want it, to just do and be better and now I have new tools to take with me for life. – Harriet B



I am so glad I did this, for myself.   I was nervous at first but on days that were tough it really was nice to have the support.   I advanced quite a bit in my gym skills too I feel.  The explainer videos really helped me fix a lot of things I was doing wrong and the online personal coaching was great!  Thanks Josh –  Johnathan

Online Fitness Challenge winners

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